Cotton Candy Machine

Rent from $50.00

*Easy to use and clean
*Can produce 1 cone every 30-60 seconds!
*Comes with clear bubble shield to prevent messes

*Rental is for 1 FULL calendar day

If you plan to clean rental item before returning
equipment enter SELFCLEAN coupon code at checkout to save 10%!


Total: $ ( days).
Rental return within days.


Perfect for your next party or event in Utah, this is a beautiful VIVO electric cotton candy machine featuring 1030W of power (operating on 110V / 60Hz power). This powerful machine can transform hard candy or sugar into wooly cotton candy, and can produce up to 2-3 servings per minute.

Included in your rental is a large 20″ stainless steel bowl with a clear bubble shield to prevent a sugary mess! Also included is a sugar scoop to make it easy to measure each cone!

This cotton candy machine disassembles for easy, simple cleaning.


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